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theBreath® is an innovative patented fabric, designed to retain and break up harmful particles in the air. Through a revolutionary technology, theBreath® eliminates indoor and outdoor air pollution, without the use of electricity.

How does it work

Purification is possible thanks to the 3 levels of the tissue that work in synergy.

FRONT LEVEL: bactericidal and printable, facilitates air transpiration.

CENTRAL LEVEL: A carbon cartridge absorbs, retains and breaks down polluting molecules and bad odors.

REAR LEVEL: bactericidal and printable, facilitates air transpiration.

The air passes through the meshes of the fabric, where the heart of technology, a soul activated by nano molecules, captures and breaks down pollutants.

The air thus continues its natural movement, returning to a cleaner and more breathable circulation.

TheBreath® purification process is totally energy free because it exploits the natural movement of air, without the need to be powered by energy sources or fossil sources.

The fabric can be used both indoors and outdoors.


Indoor: theBreath® is effective in reducing the pollution generated by normal daily activity that uses chemicals for cleaning, biological products for the kitchen, space heating, and many other pollutants; presence of pets, exchanges of air with a polluted external environment.

It combines ethical content, linked to the environment and innovation, with the aesthetic value of customizing panels for information, educational, promotional, and interior design purposes.

The appearance of the panel can be changed according to the needs of the customer, who – supported by our consultants – can choose the print and size.

theBreath® can also be customized for use in shops, franchises, hotels, restaurants, gyms, dental practices, schools, residences and offices. All structures that would communicate their being eco-sustainable.


Outdoor: theBreath® is also effective in metropolitan areas defined for the abatement of pollution generated by vehicle combustion processes: cars, public transport, airplanes, disintegration of tires on asphalt, chemical-physical disintegration of building materials , industrial production processes and many other processes that release dust and harmful substances into the environment.

The air in our cities is becoming increasingly harmful and polluted: smog and fine dust, emissions from boilers and air conditioners.

Positioned in strategic points, theBreath® is the ideal ally for safer air: along high-traffic roads, on billboards, on construction sites, on maxi-billboards, in parks and near street furniture, in signage road.


theBreath® lends itself to being inserted and integrated into other existing and widespread products on the market, thus making them distinctive both from a functional and ecological point of view.

Different cases can already be mentioned, such as the integration into baby strollers, t-shirts, luggage, various gadgets and others under development.

The fabric is antidore and its effectiveness decreases after 18 months for indoor applications, and after 6 months for outdoor applications.

After this time it is recommended to replace the carbon membrane.


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