New Energy Organism is a scouting and technology transfer company for the well-being of the Indoor person.

It has been operating in the air and water purification sector for 5 years with the aim of transforming indoor environments into more beneficial and eco-sustainable places.

Through the proposal of purification devices, the OBJECTIVE is to guide and accompany the individual to a more effective use of technology which, if used in a conscious way, can bring a great benefit to the body.

Through a consultancy activity, Neo offers tailor-made solutions for each type of building: public and private work complexes (offices, hotels, restaurants) and domestic complexes.

This is possible thanks to the collaboration with leading brands in the Italian air and water purification market and in the renewable energy market (visible in the TECHNOLOGICAL SCOUTING section).

Neo is ready to understand the needs of its customers by simplifying the research process concerning the most suitable technologies and the negotiation with the manufacturing company.


AIR purification

WATER purification

Renewable energy

Healthy Nutrition (self-production)

They take up the 4 alchemical principles Air, Water, Fire and Earth, also called energetic forces of the elements.

By balancing these 4 elements, our mind will agree on the frequencies of the universe and will be able to work real miracles in our life and in the lives of others; here emerges the main purpose of Neo, to direct the individual lifestyle towards a healthy, positive and energetic dimension.


Neo proposes a possible revolution in one’s home environment: a new model of life, in which the home is understood as an active and independent part of conventional forms of energy and maintenance.

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