Tecnological Scouting EN

Neo, a company engaged for years in the activity of technological Scouting, can boast several Partners in the field of air purification:

All brands that in innovative and original ways propose solutions for the purification of the indoor environment suitable for any type of structure or building.

Some of the best known customers who have chosen New Energy Organism for their technology scouting activity:

  • SIRAM VEOLIA, multinational for the management and optimization of essential services
  • ORION, market leader for over 30 years in the marketing and installation of analyzers for monitoring atmospheric pollution
  • SIMIT DENTAL, a leading company for over 25 years in the distribution and sale of specific materials and equipment for the dental sector


For more information on the technology scouting service for your company or private home, send an email to neo@newenergyorganism.com or visit the CONTACTS section of the site!