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Indoor air quality is a key factor in preventing epidemics.

 There are numerous scientific studies regarding the damage to health deriving from the poor quality of the air breathed inside the home and work environments, where the concentration of pollutants is equal to or even higher than that of the outside air.

The current pandemic situation is further focusing attention on air quality in confined spaces.

Genano® is a Finnish brand that offers a wide range of indoor air purifiers developed specifically for critical areas of the health sector and beyond, which require a higher level of hygiene.

The Genano solution has been designed to meet the requirements of hospital isolation departments and then proposed in any other sector, from nursing homes to schools, from commercial areas to laboratories where HEPA filters alone are not enough to reach the standards required by the regulations.

The unique cold plasma technology, combined with the Corona effect electric discharges, removes the most dangerous ultra-fine particles that cause damage to health by penetrating the bloodstream through the lungs.

When traditional fiber filters are able to collect particles up to 300 nanometers (= 0.3 µm) in size, Genano® technology collects particles up to 3 nanometers (= 0.0003 µm).

Fiber filters are commonly used to filter the air in healthcare environments.

However, they are unable to capture nano-sized particles or even eradicate them, a strength instead of Genano air decontamination technology. 

Genano technology does not have any type of filter that could get clogged, so the purification efficiency is always optimal.

Some models are equipped with an automatic internal washing system. This means consistently high purification performance.

Genano air purification units are plug and play and can be moved comfortably inside the building thanks to the presence of wheels: an economically advantageous solution that can be adapted to any customer need.

Genano air decontamination units can be equipped with a negative or positive pressure kit and are the fastest and cheapest way to set up isolation rooms, as demonstrated by installations in hospitals around the world during the MERS pandemics and COVID-19.

Genano air decontamination technology is synonymous of extremely clean air as it also removes harmful gaseous compounds, odors and mold spores.

For production plants, Genano has patented an air purification system specifically designed for industrial sites, guaranteeing a high level of air quality without using fiber filters.

The system has been developed for those applications where the fumes and dust present can represent an important risk to the health of employees, compromise the quality of the products and reduce the service life of the equipment.

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are chemicals that represent the main elements of air pollution in a wide range of industrial sectors – especially when large amounts of solvent are used or carbon monoxide and odors are produced. VOC emissions are the main greenhouse gases and are therefore regulated by national and European directives. The VOC unit of Genano is composed of highly energy efficient catalytic abatement systems for VOCs and odors that allow you to control the VOCs of exhausted gases.

This series meets all the requirements of the EU VOC directive.

For the abatement of VOCs, Genano uses catalytic oxidation.

For this reason, the temperature is 300 ° C – 500 ° C lower than thermal oxidation.

Due to its high operating temperature, NOx is produced during thermal oxidation, which is a particularly toxic greenhouse gas. Due to the particular toxicity of this gas, local authorities are studying rules to drastically reduce its emissions.