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Benetti Home is a leading Italian brand in the creation of 100% natural moss panels to purify indoor environments and make them aesthetically more beautiful!

Large walls, inserts, logos, vertical or ceiling design creations, in a hall, a commercial space, a restaurant, an office or a wellness area … there is nothing that cannot be done with the range of designer vertical gardens Benetti.

The moss installed by BenettiHome is 100% natural lichen (collected without damaging the vegetation) stabilized with non-toxic substances.

It has a fireproof certification, has no electrostatic charge, offers high sound-absorbing performance, excellent for premises such as restaurants or offices, has no bacterial charge and does not attract dust.

The product is customizable, there are different shapes with which it is possible to create stabilized moss panels.

It lends itself very well to the creation of company brand logos such as writings and drawings, even in different colors!

Furthermore, once installed, Benetti vertical gardens do not require any maintenance.

The brand has recently introduced innovative solutions such as Benetti Sound, the installation of a moss panel with an integrated sound system, or objects for interior environments such as Benetti Time, Benetti Earth and Benetti Scultura.

Benetti Sound Benetti Sound, the great novelty of 2021, is an aluminum panel – explains Stivens Benetti – the same one that supports the MOSS, capable of producing sound, the result of research into sound optimization and its diffusion, which treasure a electronic and sound technology of the highest level.


These are tools and technologies developed by a team of engineers and aimed at obtaining a sound result of the highest quality, consisting of panels with an exciter to which an external amplifier is connected from which the user controls the output sound in a simple way. and direct, through its personal devices.

With its product and its services, BENETTI HOME offers the market solutions that combine extreme ease of application and use with all the pleasure of a perceived sensoriality that generates well-being.