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Air measurement system: Aircare

arcare neo

The innovative smart Device Aircare®, present in the Neo product line, measures air quality and indoor comfort.

It has a smooth and white surface, with small dimensions and a simple and linear design.

It relies on the wifi network of the place where it is installed, detects the air quality parameters and sends them to a cloud dashboard.

The family, the professional, the company that adopts it, through a link that accesses the dedicated control panel, views the information on monitoring the quality of their indoor air.

The device’s small slots allow continuous ventilation for effective air quality measurement and also monitors environmental comfort and electromagnetic pollution (electro-smog) .

Thanks to its sensors (up to 15), it allows the user to constantly monitor the presence of pollutants and other values, providing alarms if the set thresholds are exceeded.

Aircare is powered by an integrated battery, which lasts up to about 1 year (option with rechargeable battery 4-6 months), or via the supplied micro USB cable.

Air purification system

Aircare Vairus An Aircare® air purification system equipped with latest generation photocatalytic filters that reduces 99.9% of the most harmful indoor pollutants.

The technology used by Aircare for indoor purification activities is Vairus, an innovative photocatalytic oxidative air purification system, which takes place through the combination of UV-A LEDs and photo-active Titanium Dioxide.

The purifier is able to break down 99.9% of organic substances such as viruses, bacteria and molds; gaseous compounds such as volatile organic compounds (VOC), formaldehyde, ammonia.