A Breath in Art-Design

A brand new fresh air in design and art

May 2021

The Breath in design and art project is aimed to promote a brand new indoor design accessory for the aesthetic satisfaction and at the same times well being of people in the environment in which they live and work.

The initiative intends to contribute to giving a green impulse to design market, considering the current pandemic context, and responding pro actively with a product range that combine a simply revolutionary technology (which features a fabric designed to retain and break up the harmful particles present in the air) printed with exclusive artworks by contemporary artists of international fame.

A link between aesthetic and technology, which aims to define an alliance in the fight against air pollution (indoor and outdoor) produced by cars, heating and industrial emissions through the Italian excellence recognized throughout the world of Italian’s innovation and creativity.

The project will present the artworks of the artist RICCARDO POCCI on theBreath® technology, in different versions:

  • limited edition
  • signed numbered copies
  • unique art work (all with Artist Certification)

to create a fantastic DESIGN ACCESSORY for the aesthetic satisfaction and well being of people in the environment in which they live and work.

The project will involve over time ADDITIONAL INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS and authoritative institutions such as the Brera Fine Art and Design Academy, Milan for the definition of a product range of Indoor Air Quality for the Interior market design and Outdoor site and contextually to gather consensus towards DIFFERENT TARGETS AND MARKETS and different needs.

Picture courtesy of SPREATICO HOME

Riccardo Pocci: the Artist

Riccardo Pocci

Born in Tuscany (Italy) on 26th April 1972, Riccardo Pocci started off as a painter and an engraver, after his studies in painting at the Fine Arts Academy in Florence and at the Universidad National de la Plata in Buenos Aires. Since 2001 his work has been on view in many solo and group exhibitions both in Italy (Rome, Milan) and abroad (Paris, Zürich, Bern, New York).

He constantly attempts to create a dialogue between different visual arts (architecture, photography, drawing) and painting.

His art explores the boundaries of visual perception through the use of rough and self constructed materials as well as the reinterpretation of traditional techniques such as drawing, aereography, gouache and inks.

Pocci’s artworks are also part of private and corporate banking collections in Italy, Switzerland, Spain, UK, France, Czech Republic, North America and Qatar.

The Technology: theBreath®

Is the result of the research by Anemotech®, an all-Italian company that since 2014 has had a very specific mission: studying and developing products aimed at enhancing people’s quality of life.

theBreath® purification process is completely passive and it uses the natural flow of the air without additional energy sources.

• FRONT LAYER, It is printable and bactericide and helps air transpiration

• CORE LAYER, A carbon mesh that absorbs, traps and disaggregates polluting molecules and bad smells

• BACK LAYER, It is printable and bactericide


ArtDesignBox art and craft Shanghai l.t.d. is an Agency that provides international contemporary artist network and special events focused on Art and Design Markets.

The Company has developed special events and integrated communication activities for Institutions and Brands with a focus in Art and Design culture. It has received the endorsement of Brera Fine Art and Design Academy, Milan and can guarantee a network of artists and designers and link with International Art and Design Academy.


Professional Applications

Outdoor application


Targets and sponsorships


1. to reach different potential TARGETS:

  • Consumer interested to wellness indoor
  • Interior designers
  • Art Galleries
  • Interior design Show Room
  • Corporate
  • Hotelerie

2. to involve SPONSORS in special events and customizable projects

Test and certifications



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Project created By Sergio Battimiello, Artdesignbox® and Andrea Rosetti